Online Certificate Course
Bodhgaya and Buddhism

Monks Chanting in Mahabodhi Temple
Photo Credit: Sharwan Raj


Course Experts

Dr. Bhagat Oinam Professor, Centre for Philosophy, JNU, New Delhi

I am extremely delighted and impressed with the course framework of the 'The multifaceted aspects of Bodhgaya and the philosophy and teachings of Buddhism' introduced by Deshkal. I am honoured to be associated with the programme and the lecture series associated with this course. This is a result of the rightful planning of Deshkal and meaningful support provided by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

Ms. Sunita Dwivedi Silk Road Traveler and Author, New Delhi

The Course inculcates and revives interest in the art and archaeology of various Buddhist sites of India and Asia. The best part of the course is the interactive session that helps the speaker to clarify concepts on Buddhist thought while allowing the participants to ask questions and clarify doubts.

Dr. Sonia Mehta Associate Professor Dept. of Philosophy, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, New Delhi

It’s a matter of pride and privileged to be associated with this Add-on Certificate Online Course on "The Multifaceted Aspects of Bodhgaya and the Philosophy and the teachings of Buddhism” jointly organized by Deshkal Society, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) and International Buddhist Confederation as a Resource person as well as moderator for many sessions. Whether you are new to the study of Buddhism or have been studying it or practicing it for years, this course will provide you with the opportunity to become acquainted with a variety of Buddhist teachings while guiding you to think about them, and yourself, in new ways. Through a combination of carefully selected topics, sub-topics as well as exposure to various forms of Buddhist practice such as art, devotional acts, and literary works, participants will learn how to interpret Religious/Philosophical insights in Buddhist Texts, reflect upon, and apply the teachings of the Buddha to their own life and deepen their understanding of Buddhism. Each talk is designed to give an introduction to the theory and practice of Buddhist teachings and how they can be related to our everyday life and problems, in the modern world. This course would be appropriate for anyone new to Buddhist Tradition, or interested in giving a bit more context to their practise, or to anyone keen to re familiarize themselves with the basic principles and practices of Buddhism.``

Course Participants

Yoko Kitaguchi International social worker from Japan

The course has enriched me with knowledge about Buddhism and with insights into the cultures and multiple layers of archeology and history of Bodhgaya. It has also further sparked my interest to visit India. The lectures were rich with information and pictures. I wish I had been there in India to experience the things discussed during lectures myself, but looking at the pictures helped me to get a glimpse of what is being explained. I particularly enjoyed the philosophies of Buddhism. Being raised in a Japanese family, I was familiar with some Buddhist rituals, but not the actual philosophy behind it. Therefore, it was a great opportunity for learning and reflection for me. I also enjoyed realising the different interpretations and practices of Buddhism. I would have appreciated more if there were sessions where participants could interact with each other.

Suraj Kumar Sinha Bihar Administrative Service, Patna

An window to glimpse journey from Sidharth to Buddha. Curiosity to know Buddhism is thrilled with echoing chants at monasteries by calm n composed monks. When I joined this online course, it was first ever type of an introduction to Buddhism by those unconventional authorities who studied with Buddhism which is by definition a religion, in actual practice, it resembles philosophy and psychology more than a religion. During the insightful, interactive session, I came to realise Buddhism is essentially a set of tools developed over thousands of year in India and throughout Asia. This course has introduced to us what Buddhism is, how it can help us develop happiness, contentment, equanimity, peace, and love so that we can deal with modern challenges effectively, and generally enrich our experience as a human being. I have now spent thousands of hours working at Bodhgaya as an administrator. After joining in this course, I am in a unique position to communicate the importance of this holy place nurtured in the lap of rich cultural tradition of Magadh.

Dr. Ravi Kant Associate Professor, Central University of South Bihar, Patna

Accept my sincere thanks for the excellent support provided by you and your colleagues in organising and hosting a mind-blowing online program. Deshkal Society and your collaboration with IGNCA were excellent and supports by your technical and administrative colleagues were outstanding. I believe that this online programme was one of the most knowledgeable and productive in the domain of Buddhist studies. All the sessions were informative and qualified the parameters of reflective thinking. Once again, thanks for your gracious hospitality and professionalism. It would be my pleasure to associate with you in future discourses on knowledge proliferation.

Sukrit Das MPhil, Visva-bharati University, West Bengal

This course surpassed my expectations in many ways; it covered the philosophical aspects of Buddhism as well as the archaeological features of Bodhgaya and other Buddhist sites in great detail. I learned a lot about the intricacies of art and architecture, site planning etc. of Bodhgaya and other Buddhist sites thanks to the informative talks followed by an academic conversation.

Sarbeswara Sahoo Gujarat Vidyapith Ahmedabad

The online course on "Bodh Gaya and Buddhism" was very informative and I learnt the importance of Bodh Gaya for the Buddhist communities and thinker. What was the importance in history of Buddhism and how it was an important pilgrimage for the Buddhist. Apart from Buddhist philosophy we have also learnt about the Buddhist art and architecture, its relationship with the other religion, bio-graphy of Buddha.The speakers invited for the lectures were of high standard and we have learnt a lot of new things about Buddhism. The post lecture session was highly interactive and participatory. Thank you very much to IGNCA and Decal Society for arranging such and wonderful course on "Bodh Gaya and Buddhism".

Jai Prakash Program Director, Deshkal Society, New Delhi

The online certificate course on the Multifaceted aspects of Bodhgaya and the philosophy and teachings of Buddhism, intended for a global audience encapsulates the entire journey of Buddha that provides a deeper understanding of the philosophy and teachings of Buddha in general and the layered past of Bodhgaya in particular in this era of devastating disruption. The course is thought-provoking, enriching and relevant.

Nrapendra Vir Singh Assistant Professor Department of Teacher Education
Central University of South Bihar,

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to join you. Please accept my congratulations for the excellent successful conduction of the three-month online course on "Multi- dimensional Aspects of Bodh Gaya and the Philosophy and Teaching of Buddhism". A wonderful and excellent online program was organized and hosted by you and your colleagues, for which all of you deserve congratulations. Your association with Deshkal Society and IGNCA will surely give you a new identity in the academic field. The support from your technical team members was excellent. I believe that this three-month online program is extremely productive as well as learning and understanding various aspects related to the field of Buddhist studies. All the sessions of the program were informative and meet the standards of reflective thinking and open the door for further study. Finally, once again, a heartfelt thank you for your generous hospitality and professionalism. I hope it will be my grace to join you in future discourses on spreading knowledge.